Top 5 Home Maintenance Tasks for 2018

As what the expert roofers say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” A well-maintained home, even the one that is already century-old, has a higher property value. This will help not only to improve the home but also to remain in its pristine aesthetic and condition. If you want to keep your most treasured investment, here are 5 of the most proven home maintenance tasks for home improvement:

  1. Roofing Maintenance

One of the most important tasks in home maintenance is roofing maintenance. Repair and replacement of the roofing system may cost quite a little more of your budget for home improvement. But when you conduct roof maintenance and regular inspection of the shingles, including the attic, expenses on repairs and replacement may be avoided. It is a proven tasks and a very timely project to ensure that the home is maintained.

  1. Overall Paint Makeover

The paint of the house is more than pure cosmetic. It is one of the important designs and ideas for a decent home. The overall paint adds value to any home, providing high class aesthetic and stylish outer appearance. In addition, the paint will protect the surface of the house structure against heat, rain, and moist. One proven home maintenance tasks for home improvement is the paint of the house. You can repaint the roof and the exterior, and interior of the house as often as you want using high quality paint.

  1. Security System Upkeep

Quality security system makes the home of such a higher value. You have to ensure that your lock and security system is upkeep and functional all the time. Proper maintenance should be conducted regularly to know whether each part is working. Moreover, you can also improve and upgrade the system by adding alarm system and cameras to monitor the entire area.

  1. Appliances and Home Equipment Maintenance

Another part of the house that is worth the maintenance is the expensive and quality appliances and home equipment. When you maintain and keep the appliances in excellent condition and smoothly functional, you will also prolong its lifespan. There are special ways to maintain the appliances and equipment at home, and the experts know just how to handle the tasks.

  1. Landscape

Attractive landscape makes the home more valuable. You may want to invest on the landscape of the garden and patio, including the pool, backyard, and front yard. In case you already have your garden landscaped by an expert, you can still do something to maintain its beautiful style and design. A simple pruning and trimming of plants, trees, and shrubs will improve the landscape and make your home more attractive.

Any home improvement and home maintenance should be scheduled and prioritized. It will be helpful if you will have a maintenance checklist and allot a certain budget for the necessary repairs and maintenance. The best way to improve your home is to make sure that these 5 proven home maintenance tasks are properly and regularly conducted. Seek the expert’s service and assistance for any home maintenance you want to do.

Why Should You Install A Standing Seam Metal Roof?

As far as roofing is concerned, metal has been a front runner as far as innovations are concerned. For many years, commercial buildings have been using standing seam metal roofing. The benefits have been there for everyone to see. This type of roofing is often regarded as superior to the traditional roofing choices out there. A lot of homeowners are considering standing seam metal roof as a viable alternative. Why should you consider this? Well, let’s find out below with these insights from Foundation Ona.

metal roofing installation


Yes, there are plenty of benefits attached with a standing seam metal roof. However, the biggest advantage has to be the durability. Compared to many other types of roofing choices, it is really durable. They have used the sliding clip assembly system over here. The assembly base is rigid. Moreover, the clip which is associated with the seam makes easy movement in all directions possible. Temperature change can make way for thermal shock. But this type of roofing has the ability to prevent it.

Ease of installation

Another important aspect of standing seam metal roof is that installation is an easy process. It doesn’t need the warmth of summer or spring for installation. However, like in the case of all other types of roofing, extreme weather conditions can pose lots of trouble here as well. For instance, installation can be difficult in the face of heavy rain, extreme cold weather, high wind etc. Extreme weather conditions can be a big issue as far as installation is concerned. You should know the fact it has nothing to do with the material. Speaking of installation, another big advantage is that you don’t have to worry about removing the old roofing. In fact, you can install it over the already existing roof. As a result, you will be able to save money and time. Moreover, you don’t need to close off the area while you are working on the roof.

Lightweight panel

Another good thing about this type of roof is the fact that the panel is lightweight. That is not the case when it comes to a lot of traditional choices. Lighter weight has its own advantages. For instance, it reduces the stress on the entire building. It saves the underlying structure from excess stress. In fact, this type of roof has only one third of the weight of the traditional choices like asphalt roof.

No need to worry about maintenance

The biggest advantage of having standing seam metal roof is that you don’t need worry about maintenance for over 20 years. It needs less upkeep. You don’t need to worry about maintenance in the early years at all. This type of roof has the ability to eliminate lots of problems, including leaks and problems like that. You don’t have to worry about burn, split, crack or rot. The metal is known for its amazing strength.

Weather tight

Another good thing about standing seam metal roof is that the roofs are weather tight. There are a lot of factories out there to provide sealants to the seam. They use field-seaming machines to finish the seal. The clip system is really effective here. It allows the roof to contract and expand the different weather conditions. And at the same time, it prevents exposure of fasteners to all those factors.

What is Solar Metal Roofing?

Climate Change and Solar Roofs

Due to the pressing issue of climate change, many individuals today try to take part in the movement towards environmental protection by adopting alternative means to generate energy. One of these means is the solar roofing. Solar roofing is the practice of putting solar panels on top of the roof to gather energy from the sunlight (photovoltaic energy), which will then be converted to electricity. This is a good practice to conserve energy and to lessen fuel burning that only increases Earth’s temperature.

solar metal roof

Some Popular Solar Roofing Options

There are different solar roofing products used today. One of these options is the solar tile. This is a very popular choice among homeowners. However, using solar clay tiles involves different challenges and difficulties. But thanks to SRS Energy and U.S. Tile, solar tiles have been improved, imitating the shape of curved tiles, which allows the solar panels to combine well with the clay roof.

Another solar roofing product is the solar shingle. This is a relatively new solar roof material that was considered as one of the greatest inventions in 2009 by the Time Magazine. It can be easily installed over asphalt shingles and has been a good relief for both homeowners and commercial building owners.

Solar Metal Roofing Options

Aside from these two, one more solar roofing product is widely used nowadays: the solar metal roofing.  This is a great way to save energy without losing the attractive originality of the building. With the plethora of choices for metal roofing colors, a building will not only be able to utilize sunlight energy to generate power; metal roofs can also make the house or commercial establishment save electricity! This is because metal roofs painted with appropriate Energy Star rated colors tend to make a building cooler inside.

Usual Types of Solar Metal Roofing

The most usual type of solar metal roofing is the standing seam metal roof fused with Unisolar PV Laminates. Standing seam metal roofs are very in demand today because of their strength, resistance and aesthetic appeal. Available in different colors, this roofing system has been developed to incorporate the features of photovoltaic laminate to make metal roofing with thin solar film. This thin film laminate can be easily installed on metal panels.

Another type of solar metal roofing is the solar metal shingle. It is a little similar to standing seam roofing; however, the shingles are much smaller. This also means that the laminates need to be smaller as well to meet the size of the shingles. Although this system is also equipped with various eye-catching colors for metal roofing, some people think that it is not as attractive as the other type of solar metal roof. Furthermore, installing this solar metal roof is more troublesome, not to mention that shingles cost more than standing seam panels. This being so, more people prefer standing seam roofing to shingles for their solar metal roofing system.

Solar Metal Roofing Installation

Installing solar panels on metal roofs is a little complicated. The Internet is abounding with various solar metal roofing installation videos and tutorials; however, manufacturers advise everyone to hire a professional roofer to do the job. Also, installing and making solar panels work requires assistance from a skilled electrician to make sure that they will function optimally.

Pros and Cons of Solar Metal Roof

Despite the complications it involves, solar metal roofing has a lot of benefits. According to most reviews, this system is the most cost effective way to have a lifetime-lasting roof with solar panels. It is also one of the few roofing systems that successfully combine functionality and beauty. Solar metal roofs are also very resistant to strong winds and heavy downpour.

But like other roofing systems, solar metal roofs also have different disadvantages. First of all, they are relatively expensive, and not everyone can afford installing one for their home. Also, if they are not properly installed, it might result to water leakages that may only cause discomfort and irritation. Lastly, some solar panels tend to be heavy. Installing very heavy ones can destroy the roof and may even weaken its support structure.

Finding The Right Company To Clean Your Roof

When you want to get the roof cleaned in Florida, you should always insist on experienced companies to handle the task. If you try to do it yourself or outsource it to an inexperienced team, you may do some damage to the roof due to the wrong techniques used for the cleaning process. Remember that it costs a lot of money to get the roofing done for your home and you should be very careful while cleaning them. There are many service providers who will offer the best services with their experienced team and you should always prefer to use the services of such companies.

roof cleaning services
You have to consider many factors while choosing the best companies for cleaning the roof. The best method is to search the Internet to find about the service providers in your neighborhood. Most of them will have their own web portal or social media pages and you can browse through them to get a fair idea about their services and cost. After that, you can call them and inquire about any details you might want to know about them. Later, they will visit your place to take a look at the site and give you a complete quote for the task. In this way, hiring their services becomes very easy for the consumers. Remember, hiring the right roofing company in St Augusine, FL, like Elite Remodeling Services, is important to prevent future roofing problems.

Always prefer experienced roof cleaning team

You should not hesitate to ask for their previous work to verify about their credentials. Most genuine roofing contractors and cleaners will be able to provide proper reference and you should be able to get a clear idea about their professionalism in this manner. The reason for choosing such companies is that they will clearly understand the issues with the roof and use the right technique to clean them. In this way, you can rest assured that your roof will be safe and clean for a long time.

Understand the cleaning technique

This is one more factor you should focus on and you need to know about the technique used by such companies. While some of them use the water pressure method to clean the roof, some others prefer to use chemicals to clean the roof. If you are choosing the water pressure method, make sure that the pressure is not too much as it can damage the shingles of the roof.

Always choose roof cleaning companies with insurance

You have to understand that cleaning the roof is not an easy task and it involves some risk. However, the experienced workers will be well trained by the companies to handle the task in a safe manner and you need not worry about it. It is always a good idea to choose companies that are registered and have proper insurance for the workers. In this way, you will be on the safe side in the event of any mishap during the cleaning work at your home.
When you take care of all these issues, you will be able to get the roof cleaned in an efficient manner and it will last for a long duration without any hassles.

Things To Consider When Replacing Home Siding

Do you feel that it is time to replace the worn old siding of your home? Are you worried that the process of replacing the siding seems to be a complicated one? Well, if there is a need to replace the siding, then you can consider the following tips before you make the choice of opting for a new home siding.

siding home costs

Cost of the siding for your home

If you live in Nebraska, it is better to get in touch with an expert siding contractor in Lincoln to see if the troubled siding can be repaired or if it needs a complete replacement. Sometimes, small issues might be causing the improper functioning of the siding and it can be rectified easily. If the expert says that the siding has worn out and is beyond repair, then you need to start to look for a new siding. The first thing that comes to one’s mind when he sets out to buy a new siding is the cost. Even though the cost is an important thing to keep in mind when shopping for a new siding, it must not be the only thing to consider. Have a budget in mind before you hit the store. Make sure that you do not buy a new siding just because it is offered at the lowest prices. Shop around and choose one that suits your needs and budget.

Ease of installation

If you are thinking if installing the new siding all by yourself as a DIY project, then you will have to choose one that is very easy to install. It is important that you always choose a siding that is easy to install, even if it is done by an installation contractor. The harder the sliding door is, the heavier and expensive it will be. Also, it will need a lot of time to install the siding.

Durability of the siding

Choosing a siding for your home will be a once in a lifetime option and hence you need to make sure that the siding you buy is a highly durable one. The siding that you choose must be able to withstand various factors like wind, rain, and sun. Choosing a durable siding made using the best materials is a must if you are living in areas where there are extreme temperatures or weathers.

Choose the best type

The sidings for homes are made using a wide variety of materials like metal, wood, vinyl, stone, fiber cement, brick, etc. It is important for you to choose the siding depending on the budget, the weather in your area, the safety need and the design that will suit the exterior of your home. One of the easiest ways to make the right decision in choosing the siding is to seek the help of a siding specialist. They will help you out to choose the best color, the right type of siding and also give personalized options to suit your style and home design.

Upkeep cost

Apart from the style, color, and type, you also need to choose a siding that will not have a lot of upkeep cost. Vinyl siding needs just soap and water to clean it and the fiber and wood sidings need to be given a fresh coat of paint in 5 years. With so many different options of sidings available, you should choose one that suits your style, budget, need and the weather in your area. If you want a quote contact Nelson Contracting today!

Finding The Right Contractor For Roofing Work

When there is any problem with your roof or if you want to do a new roof installation for your home, hiring a roofing contractor is the best way out. Though many repairing works can be done alone by the homeowners with the basic skills for the job, if you want the guaranteed work or want to save the time and effort, then hiring the professional is the best decision. However, you need to find a certified and experienced roofing work contractor to do the work in a satisfactory manner. They will have complete knowledge to tackle any roofing problem.

finding roofing services

Select Roofers from your area

Roofing work is complete only with regular maintenance and repairing. Only a local roofing contractor will be able to reach your premise within the shortest possible time and do the task in emergency situations. You don’ have to worry about the late arrival of the roofing contractor when you have the nearest contractor to help in the process. However, you cannot employ them just because they are from your area.

  1. Look for references for the work done by them before signing any contract for roof maintenance or repair.
  2. Contact the references provided by them and ensure that they offer quality work and materials.
  3. You can do searches online to find the reliable roofing services in your area or you can get the help of your friends or colleagues or relatives living in the same area.
  4. Shortlist at least three contractors and this will help you to easily find the most suitable one for your roofing needs.

Assess Previous Roofing Work

It is important for any homeowner to look for established roofing professionals in their area. Make sure that the roofing company you are approaching has enough experience in the field and they have well-trained staff in this field to carry out any work related to roof installation, maintenance, and its repair. Do not select the companies which appoint subcontractors to do the job. You may not be able to get the services expected from them.

Get 3 Quotes from Local Contractors

Once you have three or more companies shortlisted after considering the work done by them, you can opt for the free quotes provided by the companies for the particular roofing job.

Do not select a roofing company just because they offer cheap rates for the job.

These companies may use an inferior quality material for the job, and you will end up spending more money to repair the roof in the near future.
Compare the quotes of the different services and ensure that they have given the quotes for the same type of work and the cost of quality materials is also included in it.

It is better to opt for a roofing contractor who will be able to provide affordable and guaranteed service to ensure that the work done will be proficient.

It is necessary to consider the payment methods offered by the roofing work before you opt for their service. They should be able to provide different options for payments such as cash, cheque, or card payment so that there will be a lesser inconvenience to the clients in making the payment.





Why Is New Home Construction A Better Option?

There is the option of “pre-constructed” or preowned homes by different builders, yet there always will be a demand among people for constructing new homes. This is because people have better options when constructing new homes for their own use rather than buying homes designed according to other people’s need or imagination. Regardless of the location where you want to construct the home, you will find it easier and convenient to go for new home construction than the pre-construction.

new construction

Selecting the Neighborhood

You will be able to construct the home in your preferred neighborhood when you go for new construction. The pre-constructed residences may not be located in your choice of areas and you need to make a compromise on your choice when opting for them. You cannot live happily in your home if you are not in a friendly or convenient neighborhood. If you are a young couple, you may not want to live in an area where the majority of the residents are older couples. You will also able to consider the availability of transportation and other facilities in the neighborhood when constructing the home. You will be able to find a place which is nearer to your office or nearer to the school for the children.

Selecting Home Designhome design

When you are constructing a new home, you will be able to select the design of your choice and you will be able to construct the rooms according to the number of members in your family. You can hire the best general contractor or siding company. You will be able to design the house according to your style of living and considering convenience and functionality. You can add attached bathrooms of your choice or opt for energy-saving design and construction according to your choice and budget. When you select  the pre-constructed house you cannot expect all the convenience you are wishing for and you will have to get satisfied with the design that already exists.

Adding Modern Amenities

When you look for pre-owned homes, you may not be able to find the amenities you are looking for, such as proper insulation, energy efficient electrical fittings, swimming pool or Jacuzzi, paved driveway, modern kitchen cabinets, modern plumbing fixtures, etc. Whereas when you are constructing a new home, you will be able to select the tiles, carpets, electrical fittings, plumbing fixtures, and appliances, etc., of your choice. You will be able to customize the home according to your ideas and needs.

Lesser Repair

When you construct a new home with the help of the reliable construction company, you don’t have to worry about the home repairs at least for 15-20 years. Whereas when you buy a pre-owned house, the old roof, appliances, the electrical items and plumbing items can create problems. Newer appliances and light fixtures and plumbing lines are the best options to make the home cost effective. Moreover, it will be easy to keep the home clean when you have a new home. You will be able to create a new home with the features you want and within your preferred budget when you find a good construction company.


Hiring roofing contractors to install synthetic slate

If you are looking into ordering a slate roof or perhaps a house with a slate roof that needs replacement, or you are thinking bout getting several home improvement projects for the current house you will recognize that the rooftop is a very big problem. No one would like to enter a house that has a rooftop that will not survive the next wintertime. Changing a slate rooftop, or making slight changes and fixing tasks for a rooftop, prevents anything that may really get in the way of normal life, particularly if performed in wintertime, or on a rainy season. That’s why synthetic slate is your best bet.

Why Synthetic Slate

So should you are curious in knowing a bit more about synthetic slate roofing systems plus the work, costs plus ideas behind having a top rated rooftop for the house, you should analysis this area, making certain that you recognize plus recognize the fundamental principles before you will meet with a roofing contractor. They might confuse you with plenty of terms plus names you may have no clue about, plus first and foremost, with a cost list that might push you away.

Building constructors plus engineers have devised more utilization of synthetic slate roof tile – that is for a stylish “topping off” of the structures they erect. Nevertheless, the design might only last when the components chosen might boost the risk for rooftop sturdy plus durable.

Through time, contractors have devised an range of ways to deal with various components to install synthetic slate roofs, each with its very own strong plus weak points relative to circumstances of weather plus area restrictions. These are what roofing contractors recognize ideal.

Roofing contractors usually follow the three Rs in roofing:

1. Renew

Roofing companies may be relied on whenever it comes to installing hot shingles. They are regarded as experts in placing a hot limit for a structure.

2 Roof Repair

Roofing companies also aid to correct the issue and also to create points greater plus safe in a building.

3. Remodel

If capable to correct damage, roofing contractors install more scaffolds plus add-ons to keep any other damage from happening.

If you are surveying for top components, contact initially a top constructor in prescribe to provide you with many options. Roofing constructors also need to explain the actual top components you want resistant to the components they need to provide you. Budget allocation also influences the final choice of the information to be useful for top a structure.

As with all different companies it happens to be always advisable to try plus find different people he worked for plus view the results, or at minimum have a short conversation with the owners of homes this contractor created earlier work on, if you find yourself finalizing the information try to have some sort of paper of agreement to each sign which might hold the fundamental understandings between you plus the contractor.